Although the current trend of most churches is to move away from membership, we believe that meaningful church membership is vital for the health of any church. Church membership is essentially a mutual commitment between individuals, elders, and the local church to disciple and care for one another. Elders are charged to care for those in the congregation, see to their maturity, and to make sure those who are serving are committed to sound doctrine. Church members are charged with doing the work of the ministry in accordance with biblical teaching in submission to church leadership. We are all charged to encourage one another on toward love and good deeds as well as keep one another accountable to biblical fidelity. Therefore, in order to serve in most capacities at Grace Church we require a person to be a member.

To be considered for membership we require that you have done the following:

  • Have made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ alone as Savior.
  • Have been in regular attendance at Grace Church for at least 3 months.
  • Read through the Constitution and By Laws of Grace Church.
  • Fill out a Request for Membership form and turn it in to an elder.

Complete Statement of Faith, Constitution and Bylaws of Grace Church (PDF)
Grace Church Request for Membership