What to expect at Grace Church:

Children: We love children! During Sunday School (9:30am-10:15) nursery is available for children ages 0-4. There is also children’s Sunday School available for kids ages 5-9. Older kids and parents are encouraged to attend the general Sunday School class together.

Nursery is also available during our Worship service (10:30am-12:00) for ages 0-3. Children ages 4-8 usually stay with parents for half of the worship service. Just before the sermon 4-8-year-olds are dismissed to go to Junior Church for a Bible Study, but are certainly welcome to stay during the sermon.

What Should I Wear: Our goal at Grace is to worship Christ in Spirit and in truth. Our concern is about the heart, not a dress code. Some of us at Grace wear jeans and t-shirts, some prefer business casual, and some still prefer shirt and tie.

Offering: While we don’t “pass the plate” at Grace there are 2 offering boxes in the hallway of the church. The offering is an opportunity for our members and regular attenders to cheerfully give as they have decided in their heart (2 Cor. 9:7). If you are visiting with us please don’t feel obligated to give; we are simply happy to have you as our guest.

Communion: We currently celebrate Communion (i.e. the Lord’s Table) the 3rd Sunday of every month during the Worship Service. While you do not have to be a member of Grace Church to participate, we do ask that if you have not submitted yourself to Jesus Christ as your Lord that you refrain from participation.

Potluck: We have a potluck the 1st Sunday of each month right after the church service. This is a time for fellowship and encouragement and offers a chance get to know people in an informal setting over a meal. We invite everyone to come join us.